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Abortion Doctor Accuses Rep. Chip Roy of ‘Inflammatory Language’ About What Happens to Aborted...

An abortion doctor accused Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, of using inflammatory language when he asked her Wednesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing...

Gas, formula, inflation: Voter anxieties motivate struggling Dems

House Democrats are playing whack-a-mole with national crises, hoping the show of proactivity will save them from catastrophe in November. Democrats devoted this week to...

Time to Elevate US-South Korea Partnership With Strategic Refinement

Forging greater pragmatic cooperation between willing allies necessitates timely, forward-looking strategic clarity in terms of paving an elevated trajectory of the alliance. That’s why...

Biden wanted to prioritize China. 16 months later, he gets his shot.

The pivot to Asia lives. Sixteen months after his inauguration, President Joe Biden will finally make his first trip to the region this Thursday with...

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